It is said that art has no boundaries. And we do strongly believe it.

Since the beginning, we have always supported the importance of producing an exclusive product which could mix art and sustainability. Indeed, we decided to start an artistic collaboration with the Steve Kaufman Art Licensing.

Steve Kaufman, or as called by Wahrol “SAK”, has been a charismatic and beloved pop artist.

With his eclectic style and coloured subjects, Steve made a huge name for himself.

He has several times painted Marilyn Monroe using vivid colours for emphasizing her spirit. This year marks sixty years since the iconic Marilyn died. Thanks to SAK’s work we can today celebrate her life using our products.

We are very proud and honoured to have Steve Kaufman’s artwork on our wool blankets.

To sum up, not only do this collaboration prove that art has no boundaries, but it also show that art can be expressed in a variety of ways.

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we would like to thank Diana for having given us this amazing opportunity.